Welcome! We are so pleased to share Seeds of Solidarity Farm and Education Center programs, resources, and inspiration with you.

Seeds of Solidarity Education Center is a non-profit organization, based in Orange MA, that innovates programs to awaken the power among people of all ages-from toddlers to teens to people who are incarcerated - to Grow Food Everywhere to transform hunger to health, and create resilient lives and communities.

several bunches of garlic, resting on a rug

Garlic Saturdays

From noon to 5pm at our farmstand! The garlic is beautiful this year!

a book with the red cover

Our Book

Check out MakeLoveWhileFarming.org for more info, and order your own copy!

two people standing in a greehouse smiling

Meet Ricky & Deb

Hear about how Ricky & Deb met, and what led them to start Seeds of Solidarity.

a heart made out of veggies

Get Involved

Find out how we're helping our community through programs and let us know how you can help!

a handmade cedar bench

Our Farmstand

Plan a visit to the farmstand and check out our handmade furniture and great produce!

hands cupped, holding blueberries

Send a Donation

If you would like to make a donation to Seeds of Solidarity, you can do that here, and thank you!